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Satoshi Tajiri

Satoshi Tajiri, the master-mind behind the creation of Pokémon Pocket Monsters, grew up in Machida, a rural suburb located in western Tokyo. As a child, Tajiri was really interested in insects and bugs, which he found and collected. Making new discoveries and finding new ways to accomplish tasks seemed to be his main traits at a younger age.

Tajiri was part of the first generation, in Japan, who grew up with manga and animé. In about 1978, he also became interested in video games. Since, at that time, there was no media to get information about games, Tajiri created Game Freak magazine.

Game Freak magazine began as a handwritten guide to popular video games, which Tajiri, himself, wrote and stapled together. Game Freak magazine became a big success, as he sold thousands upon thousands of copies.

The more he learned about video games, the more disappointed he became, about the games not being interesting. His solution was to make his own games.

To learn game programming, Tajiri took apart the Nintendo game system, just to learn how all the pieces were put together, and worked.

Ideas come before games, however. And Tajiri based his ideas on remembrances of his childhood. Catching insects, playing video games, and capsule monsters all create the whole concept of Pokémon.

Tajiri's idea for Pokémon seemed as if it would fit in well with the Game Boy system. Instead of using the link cable just for competition, Tajiri imagined living organisms moving back and forth across the cable. This basic concept was for information to be transmitted between Game Boy packs via the link cable.

After finishing the Pokémon game, Tajiri took it to Nintendo--where the outcome was unpredictable. It turns out that Pokémon became a huge success.

Through his gaming process, Tajiri was guided by Shigeru Miyamoto, the most widely known game designer at Nintendo.

Pokémon's main character, Satishi, named after Tajiri, is a way he can represent his youthful days in the game. Satoshi's rival, Shigeru, is named after his mentor, Miyamoto. In the animé Shigeru is Satoshi's master. However, in the game, the two are rivals.

The Pokémon names are also significant, and relate to the monster. Such as Nyarth, which comes from a proverb about a cat with money on it's head.

The Japanese describe Pikachu's name as: "Pika", the sound an electric spark makes, and "Chu", the sound a mouse makes. This makes Pikachu an electric mouse.

To create more of an atmosphere for Pokémon, Tajiri created Myuu, a New-Species Pokémon, which was used as a promotional monster. Because of this monster, rumors and myths were started about the game. Myuu was not originally included with the game, so players had to receive it from Nintendo or Game Freak.

Myuu was mainly a monster, where players trade with each other, and trade with another player, to pass it on.

Tajiri created a worldwide phenomenon--in Pokémon! Players can name their own Pokémon, trade and collect--and even compete, all in one game!

Among the toys, manga, animé, trading cards, and other merchandise...Pokémon is sure to be taking the world by storm for awhile to come!!

Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.